Friday, 21 July 2017

Don't give up!

It has been said that everything is futile under the sun. Here the sun can be oppressive. The bright UV rays tear at my skin, and it is easy to get skin cancer. The dry air wicks the moisture out of my body. Riding into the wind, up the terrain tires out my legs. And then something unexpected happens, a flat tire. Resistance is futile in this unforgiving place. But I love it! I am in my element here. It is quiet and away from the crowd. I am cycling to my own rhythm, I make my own cadence. If I spring a flat, I walk. No one is timing me here, I am my own boss. Sometimes the powerlines sing and crackle in the winds.
On the River Mountain Loop Trail

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I got on the trail this morning at mile marker 6.5 near Ithaca. There, a tall lady wearing a pink bikini top and running shorts was standing with a clear plastic bottle of water. Her hair was cut very short, like a military buzz cut, and had a metal shopping cart with supplies. Vegas definitely has its share of crazies. You could classify her in the marching to a different drummer category. I imagined what emotional cataclysm had resulted in her choice.

The day brought relief with clouds sheltering us at 35C (95F). I rode counter-clockwise into a stiff southeasterly wind. Up the hill once more, I shifted to the lowest granny gear. I made it with some difficulty and a big sense of accomplishment.

At the top of the hill is the junction to powerline road which is a rocky dirt road that leads toward Lake Mead. It, however, dead ends at the mountains. The powerlines continue over the ridges. At the junction is also a water pumping station and a solar array. The collectors follow the Sun's arc -- at this time of day they were all facing east.

There is a rest area near mile marker 4, and available water.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My wounds are healing nicely. Yesterday I got back on the saddle and rode my bicycle. It is starting to warm up here, the trail was about 90 to 100F.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Today I was bicycling my usual route over the local roads until I connect
up to the RMLT at the 6.5 milestone. It is predictable, so I have gotten complacent about stopping at the stop signs, and looking carefully at every turn, as I would in an urban setting. Today, my luck ran out. I should have stayed in bed as my wife asked me.
I made a right turn directly into the path of a large vehicle coasting downhill, probably over the speed limit. She had the right of way, I had a stop sign.
We were both negligent, she was over the limit, and I did not stop.
Consequently, my left wrist hurts, right hip, and my right knee, and elbow have road rash. Many of the signs have fallen off in this rural area.
I got back on my bike and rode home.
Moral of the story, is always expect a car to come from nowhere.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

In ubuntu (or perhaps more generally in linux), I have found an unpleasant condition when the mouse or the keyboard contends for direction of the cursor in an emacs window. I think it happens when I go meta with the control key. I found a nice package that I put in my .emacs file which seems to ameliorate this --


Monday, 19 September 2016

interbike is in town. I found this map amusing -- check out the trail names!

RMLT passes Bootleg canyon past Railroad pass before Boulder City if riding counter-clockwise, and approaching Railroad pass ascending from Boulder City if riding clockwise. Be advised that the road/touring bike won't make the Darwin in these canyons.

So, I rode my ancient 27 inch Fuji to Bootleg Canyon and caught some sights.